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Virginia Cooperative Extension
90 East Court Street
Rocky Mount, VA  24151

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Cynthia Martel
Dairy Agent
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VA Cooperative Extension



Farming contributes to the Franklin County jobs base and overall economy, as well as providing added stability to community values. Franklin County is home to over 160,000 acres of farmland which is equal to 38% of the total acreage of the County. This land bank of agricultural uses provides great natural beauty to the County, as well as economic strength, and enhances the marketability of the community. Those visiting the County will experience the diversity of its production, from large scale dairy, beef, and crop production to vegetables, nursery crops, and farm stands. 

How does Franklin County Stack Up?

  • #2 in value of milk from cows
  • #2 in acres of corn silage
  • #7 in cattle and calves inventory
  • #7 in value of sales of tobacco
  • #8 in acres of hay and forage production
  • #12 in total value of agriculture products sold

Agriculture Development Board

The Agriculture Development Board of Franklin County was established in 2007 for the purposes of:

  • Promoting and enhancing the economic viability of production agriculture, forestry, and agribusiness.
  • Represent the agriculture community’s position on policy issues at the local, state, and federal level.
  • Provide advice and counsel to the Franklin County Board of Supervisors on policies relating to viability and sustainability of agriculture
  • Partner with other organizations to increase public understanding and awareness of state-of-the-art agricultural practices.
  • Expand agricultural educational programming and workforce development
  • Advocate and coordinate agricultural economic development, investment, marketing, and promotion activities
  • Establish a network of agricultural producers and suppliers to encourage diversification and strengthen the agricultural infrastructure.
  • Promote agritourism

Members & Board Appointments

Jason Thurman, Chairman, Ethan Cundiff, Mark Woods, Katherine Adams, Tim Durham, Mike Burnette, Chris Brown

Other Service Agencies

Blue Ridge Soil & Water Conservation District (BRSWCD), 1297 State Street, Rocky Mount, VA  24151
Phone: (540)483-5341

Pat Hodges-Administrative Secretary/Treasurer
Phone: Ext. 105

Kathy B. Smith-Program Manager/Education Coordinator
Phone: Ext. 117

Michael L. Tabor-TMDL Ag Conservation Technician
Email: MTabor@brswcd.org
Phone: Ext. 122

D. Allen Jackson-Assistant Conservation Technician
Email: DJackson@brswcd.org
Phone: Ext. 118

Natural Resource Conservation Agency (NRCS), 1297 State Street, Rocky Mount, VA  24151
Phone: (540)483-5341, Fax: (540) 483-0006

Eric Capps - District Conservationist
Phone: Ext. 120 

Darrell Reynolds-Conservation Technician
Phone: Ext. 116 

Emily Baynard - Soil Conservationist
Phone: Ext. 112

USDA Farm Agency (FSA), 1297 State Street, Rocky Mount, VA  24151

G. B Washburn, Jr. – County Executive Director
Email: gordon.washburn@va.usda.gov 
Phone: (540)483-5341