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Children's Services Act
120 East Court Street
Rocky Mount, VA  24151

Phone: 540-483-7209
Fax: 540-483-2564

Greg Winge, Director
E-mail: CSA Office

Monday - Friday
8:30 am –5:00 pm



Who is Eligible for Services?

Services under C.S.A. may be available to a child who meets at least one of the following descriptions:

  • has serious emotional of behavioral problems or
  • may need residential care or resources beyond normal agency services, or
  • needs special education through a private school program, or
  • receives foster care services, or
  • receives services to prevent foster care placements, or
  • is under supervision of the juvenile and domestic relations court, or domestic relations court, or
  • is a ward of the Department of Juvenile Justice

Eligibility is determined by various laws (in education, juvenile justice and social services) and by your Community Policy and Management Team. Also, there must be funds available in your community. 

How can I find out if my child is Eligible?

Contact your local Children's Services Act Coordinator, Greg R. Winge, (540) 438-7209 or Greg Winge