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Children's Services Act
120 East Court Street
Rocky Mount, VA  24151

Phone: 540-483-7209
Fax: 540-483-2564

Greg Winge, Director
E-mail: CSA Office

Monday - Friday
8:30 am –5:00 pm



How does CSA Work?

A Family Assessment and Planning Team meeting is scheduled to with the F.A.P.T. and members of the family:

  • the child and family take an active part of the F.A.P.T. meeting to discuss their needs
  • a service plan is developed
  • the family signs the service plan if they agree with the plan
  • the service plan goes to the Community Policy and Management Team for review and approval
  • services begin as soon as possible after the approval of the Community Policy and Management Team
  • if the family disagrees with the plan, they may ask for a review with the local CPMT
  • emergency services may begin immediately
  • parents may be required to make co-payments for non-foster care services
  • parents may be required to make child support payments for foster care services
  • parents are not required to make co-pay payments for special education services